The Perfect Maine Summer Pairing Edibles and Outdoor Adventures

The Perfect Maine Summer Pairing: Edibles and Outdoor Adventures

Cannabis-Infused Summer Foods - trail balls by Emerald Elevation

As Maine greets summer each year with its scenic views and warm sun, there’s an excitement in the air about all the outdoor adventures waiting to be had. Whether you’re planning to sink your feet into sandy beaches, trek through lush forests, or simply enjoy the company of friends under the summer sky, Maine in summer is the place to be.

Adding a sprinkle of excitement to your outdoor adventures could be something as simple as edibles – those little treats infused with cannabis. Let’s explore how the right edible can elevate your Maine summer experience, making it brighter, fuller, and more memorable. But, remember, the golden rule is always to enjoy these treats smartly and safely.

A Taste of Summer: Matching Edibles with Maine’s Outdoors

Edibles come in many flavors and types – from the energy-boosting gummies for your hikes to the relaxing chocolates perfect for a lazy beach day. Here’s how you can pair these treats with some of Maine’s favorite summer activities:

Basking on the Beach

Picture yourself lounging on one of Maine’s beautiful beaches, soaking up the gentle sun, and listening to the calming rhythm of the waves. A CBD gummy with its relaxing effects could be your perfect companion, making the moment feel even more blissful. Just ensure you’re fully hydrated and remember, always enjoy these relaxants when you’re not planning to take a swim.

Adventure on the Trails

Maine’s trails are nothing short of magical in the summer. If you’re venturing into the woods, think about a small, THC-infused chew, Emerald Elevation’s trail balls are your great companions! It’s like adding a filter to nature, making everything feel a tad more intense and vivid. But caution is key – start with a small dose, stay hydrated, and ensure you’re in a group, keeping each other safe and sound.

Night by the Bonfire

There’s something deeply comforting about ending your day around a bonfire, sharing stories and laughs. This is the time for  one of those THC-infused chocolates with marshmallow and graham crackers,  bonding with friends over shared delights and ending the day on a high note under Maine’s starlit sky.

The Path to Responsible Enjoyment

Enjoying edibles is as much about being mindful as it is about having fun. Here are some pointers to keep in mind:

  • Start Small, Go Slow: Especially if you’re new to edibles or trying a new type. It’s easier to add than to subtract.
  • Keep Water Handy: Always. It helps you stay hydrated and enhances your overall experience.
  • Mind Your Surroundings: Enjoy responsibly and remember, your adventure might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Where to Find Your Summer Edibles in Maine

Maine Summer Activities with blackberry gummies

Interested in finding the right edible to complement your Maine summer? Emerald Elevation is a wholesale manufacturer of chef crafted cannabis edibles for medical and recreational use in Maine that specializes in a variety of choices tailored to your outdoor adventures and has partnered with reputable dispensaries in Maine. Whether you’re looking for a mellowing agent for a beach day or something to spring you into action on the trails, we’’ve got you covered with quality and care.

Combining Maine’s unbeatable summer outdoors with the playful twist of edibles can promise an unforgettable season of adventures. But remember, the essence of a great summer lies in enjoying all of  Adult use age restricted products safely and responsibly. Are you ready to add a dash of extraordinary to your summer in Maine with the right edible? Let the adventures begin!

Reminder: In accordance with Maine law, our adult use products are intended for individuals aged 21 and above. It’s important not to operate motorized vehicles or machinery while using our products. Please enjoy responsibly


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